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House! An actual house! Where I can have a cat, and rooms that aren’t all off white.

I feel like everything’s happening all at once, and it’s all good stuff. Michael and I have made an arrangement with Gma Patricia and Gpa Nod. They have purchased a really really beautiful home, and Michael and I will be caretakers there for a couple of years until they are ready to move into the space.

That’s right ladies and gents…Michael and I are moving into an actual home. In a beautiful neighborhood in Scotts Valley. I’m having a hard time believing it’s all happening, but it is, and it’s more exciting than I can really process.





I recently tooled and shaped some leather ears for @mooniekins Rabbit costume inspired by the very talented performers of Steam Powered Giraffe. #SteamPoweredGiraffe #spg #moonykins #feastofdreams

She will be doing the paint work. I’m shipping them out entirely raw and unpainted. Can’t wait to see what she does with them!

So excited to get these home and paint them! <3

I’ll be tossing them in the mail tomorrow. Yee!
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