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Please excuse the dirty mirror. Found some super sweet shorts at goodwill. Guys shorts, real pockets, super comfy, Fox brand, $4. Awwww yeah. Also, check out the adorable waistband facing! The pockets are made out of the same graphic fabric. Cute!


Anonymous asked:

"Pocket size"? How tall are you XD?

I’m 5’5”, and I hang out with a VERY tall family and group of friends.  The vast majority of people in my life are 5’8” and taller.  Most are over the 6’ mark. (My husband being 6’10”.)







Man Crush Monday:  Jason Momoa

Crush crush any day

Hummina hummina



Did I ever tell y’all about the time this fine specimen pretty much breathed down the back of my neck?

Once upon a time at ECCC I was a wraith and totally went for a photo with him.  He thought I was adorable because I was pocket sized.

I caught his hand that came over my shoulder, because “comfortable and natural arm angle” was also boob height.  >.>

Despite hand placement hilarity, he was an amazingly nice and genuine guy.  He was quite kind, and absolutely someone I’d like to have over to share a meal and watch a stupid movie or something.

Seen the 4th film? Femme!Jack is canon… :P

I haven’t seen it yet.  I’m starting at the first and working my way through.  Hehe.  I believe I’ve seen the first three only.

If I don’t end up doing a crossplayed Jack (I think I could hide my hips in the coat), then I may do a fem Jack.  Or, perhaps I’ll do a lady pirate of my own design. 

All I know is I need to up my pirate game. *nods*

I’ve got the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie playing in the background while I work on costume stuff.  I sort of really really want to make myself a Captain Jack Sparrow costume…even though it’s really already been done well by a lot of people.  But can you imagine it?  I’m 5’5”…I’d be the swishy-est little pocket Jack ever.  Savvy? 

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